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Bali BBQ and Padang May 29th

Celebrate your Bank Holiday Monday 29th May
To celebrate our ten year anniversary at the Feathers Inn we have searched for the worlds best BBQ experience and hope you will enjoy our version of the legendary Ubud Bali BBQ and Padang.
Balinese cuisine is refined, surprising and utterly delicious. Discover the delights of authentic satay, suckling pig, grilled fish and local vegetables. We bring you a flavour of Bali’s culinary heritage, in which every ingredient, recipe and culinary tradition tells a story of the archipelago’s history, geography and diverse cultures.

Inspired by the Ubud Food Festival, taking place in Bali during May, we have created a menu to reflect the best of Bali.

BBQ and Padang Menu

All dishes are designed for grazing and sharing allow 3-4 dishes per person .
Babi Guling – Spiced whole charcoal spit roast pig £6
Satay lilit – Minced spiced Goosnargh chicken on lemon grass skewers £6 for two
Bebek betutu – Smoked spiced Goosnargh duck £7
Balinese blood sausage with water spinach £5
Goat rendang curry £5

Ikan bakar – charcoal grilled marinated wild black bream £8
Ikan pepes – spiced white fish parcel in a banana leaf with coconut milk £5

 vegan dishes
lawar nangka – mixed fried vegetables and young jackfruit £4
Snake bean salad with peanuts £4
Urab Sayar –  blanched vegetable salad with tamarind & galangal £4
Tahu Kecap Kudu – tofu In sweet soy sauce £5
Tempeh goreng – sweet sambal fried tempeh.£5
Nasi Lemak – coconut steamed rice £3

Bubur Injin – Black rice pudding with mango £4
Bolar Bolar Ubi Jalar – Sweet potato fritters with cinnamon and coconut sugar £4
Charcoal grilled pineapple with chilli, lime and ginger, coconut milk sorbet. £4

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