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Menus Lunch, Dinner and Sunday

Dinner menu

Please be aware that our menu changes every day and this is only an example of the style and type of food that we serve. To find out if a dish is on today’s menu, call us on 01661 843 607.

House Aperitis

  • Springhouse woods wild raspberry liqueur with prosecco £7.50
  • A hedgerow martini £8
  • Poetic licence Northern dry gin, homemade elderflower cordial and tonic £7
  • Prosecco and Elderflower cocktail £6.50


  • Potted freshwater crayfish, toast, watercress and lemon £7
  • Slaley woods hedgehog mushrooms w/ squash, chestnuts and English spelt £6.50 V
  • Northumbrian cheese rarebit, mixed garden pickle £6 V
  • Cold roast Hedley Angus beef on dripping toast with horseradish and watercress £7
  • Homemade black pudding, poached egg, devilled gravy £7
  • The Feathers homemade charcuterie, toast, celeriac remoulade and gherkins £10
  • Ham and pea soup £5.50


  • Blaydon burn Soay lamb shoulder for two with mint sauce, roasted parnsips, carrots and heritage potatoes £30
  • Roast Hedley hen pheasant, stuffed savoy cabbage, Dauphinoise potatoes, game gravy, bread sauce and red currant jelly £16
  • North Shields hake, pink fir potatoes, buttered spinach, chive butter sauce £15
  • Battered plaice fillet and chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce. £13
  • Pot roast Hedley Angus beef, horseradish, chips and autumn salad £14
  • Slaley woods mushroom casserole with highland burgundy potatoes, greens, dill sourcream and onion fritter £13 V
  • Devilled Blaydon burn Soay lambs liver, kidney and heart, Northumbrian bacon, mash, greens and ale gravy £12
  • Extras all £3
  • Creamy mashed potatoes, heritage potatoes, buttered black cabbage, braised red cabbage, buttered rainbow chard , baby carrots and turnips, chunky chips w/ alioi

Desserts and Savories

  • Burnt Northumbrian Cream £6- Dr. Thanisch Riesling £9
  • Steamed marmalade pudding with Drambuie and vanilla custard £6- a glass of Aleatico red dessert wine £6.50
  • English quince and almond tart, clotted cream £6 – a glass of our own plum brandy £3.
  • Hot chocolate pudding, chocolate sauce, ginger ice cream £6- South African red Muscadel £6Cheeses from the board £9 for 5 cheeses, £12 for 8 cheeses– a glass of Croft port £2
  • Our ices- vanilla, hedgerow apple ripple, spiced plum or mango sorbet £5.50 (3 scoops)
  • Feathers relish on toast £2 per slice (spiced anchovy)
  • V denotes vegetarian option.