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Crete BBQ Taverna Bank Holiday Monday 7th

The Feather Taverna 

Inspired by our recent trip to Crete. We will convert the Feathers into a Taverna for the May Bank Holiday 7th.
From 12 noon till 3pm. No bookings being taken.
Enjoy the delicious flavours of Crete, the heady wild mountain herbs, olives and lemons that make Crete the most amazing place to dine in Spring. From our little hill top we want to recreate some Cretan delicacies. We will also have fantastic Greek beer and wine along with – Raki and Ouzo – of course!

Ouzo (the aniseed one) Raki (strong and made from grapes)- both served cold neat  to be sipped with Meze. £3 per 25ml
Mythos Beer £3 per bottle – Greek Taverna beer for long lazy afternoons in the sun……..
Wine  – Ionos Red/White
Red 12% A gentle fresh lightish-alcohol red made in the Peloponnese from cabernet sauvignon and merlot. A charming accompaniment to a Greek salad lunch. £16 bottle/£5.50 glass
White 11.5% A fresh clean crisp Grecian white from the Peloponnese with welcome low alcohol and quite dry but gentle flavour. It is made largely from the local roditis grape with a bit of indigenous lagourthi and muscat.

all £3.50 each with flat bread
Olives- marinated Kalamata olives (V)
Salad- Cretan salad of ewes milk cheese, olives, tomatoes, barley bread rusks, peppers, tomatoes and red onions with olive oil and vinegar. (V)
Dakos – traditional Cretan bread rusk topped with chopped tomatoes, ewes milk cheese
and olive oil  (V)
Sfougato- baked egg and wild greens omelette with dill and Greek pecorino. (Served room temp ) V
Dolmades- Rice and herb stuffed vine leaves with dill Vg
Htapodi xidato- pickled octopus- a must with ouzo!
Fava – split pea hummous (Vg)
Gigantes plaki- baked giant white beans with dill and tomato (Vg)
Tzatziki- Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and dill dip (V)
Kalamaria – Fried squid with skordalia (garlic dip) (V)
Taramosalata-smoked cod roe and garlic dip
Melitzanosalta- smokey aubergine dip (vg)
Skordalia- potato and garlic dip with beetroot salad (vg)
Oregano and Aleppo pepper fries £2
Extra flat bread £1 each.

Gyros £5 
Greek pita stuffed with salad, garlic tahini sauce and choose from…
Spit roast Northumbrian lamb with mountain herbs
Lemon and olive oil halloumi .
Country Durham pork souvlaki skewer.

Desserts £3
Greek yoghurt topped Slaley forest Honey comb or mountain honey and roasted nut
Homemade pistachio and honey baklava.
Loukoumades- Cretan doughnut soaked in honey syrup with walnuts.


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