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Wagyu Weekend Aug 25th – 28th

We have been working with local farmers since we took over the pub ten years ago. Working in in partnership to create the best dishes we possibly can. This August Bank Holiday weekend we will bring to you the culmination of many years work. Part of our ten year anniversary celebrations. Wagyu beef reared in our village, it does not get more local than that. We will have Wagyu Beef cuts on the menu all weekend (25-28th August) with a spectacular BBQ to celebrate on Monday 28th August.

“In the world of foodie obsession, it doesn’t come much more luxurious than the holy grail of carnivorous indulgence – Wagyu beef.”
Jo Carrigan, Huffington Post

BBQ Bank Holiday

Monday 28th August 12 – 3.30pm


Seasame, soy and chilli beef tartar with Asian pear and radish £7

Sliders with home made kimchi and Darling blue cheese in a brioche bun £4 for two

Seasame and soy bulgogi BBQ Beef £6

Bone broth with noodles, Asian greens and thinly sliced raw beef £4

Dripping chips and gochujang chilli mayo £3

Slow cooked smoked brisket with beetroot slaw and brioche buns £6

Other surprise dishes will be announced on the day!
Non meat options-

Lindisfarne oysters natural or with lime and chilli £2 each

North shields Mackerel fillets on toast with plum tomatoes and basil £6

BBQ sweetcorn with chilli, lime and fresh cheese or with butter and salt £2 each

Our own vegandogs , crispy onions and dill mustard with our own kim chi in a bun £3

Feathers no meat chips £3

What’s all the fuss about Wagyu?
” Wagyu beef is instantly recognizable due to its heavily marbled appearance, and it’s the presence of Intramuscular fat (signature to the Wagyu breed) which gives the meat its unique markings and melt in the mouth texture.

The mono-unsaturated to saturated fat ratio is far higher in Wagyu than in other beef, and it’s these fats disintegrating during cooking which provides Waygu with its signature rich and powerful flavor. ” Huffington Post.




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