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Help us keep our shelter

Please follow this link and make comments of support

These letters of support will be the most important thing we can do!.

We built the shelter as a response to the Covid pandemic.  It has since become a vital part of our business and village life. We have hosted many diners and drinkers underneath. Providing a safe space for people to socialise whilst things got back to normal.

We have celebrated weddings, remembered dear friends by holding funerals and much more.

We had the village Jubilee party here and made lanterns for the village Halloween lantern parade. We have held local makers markets here and also the village community carol concert. All only possible due to this shelter.

Our village has no community space. The pub is the only public building in the village, the pub is literally the hub of village life. This shelter has become a vital part of our business and our future sustainability relies on this.

This business is also our home and where we are raising our family. If the pub matters to you then please sign this petition!

This shelter was made with many helping hands from within the village. Constructed with wood sourced from a local forest and sawn by a local craftsman. We love our shelter and we hope you do too. Please show us your support here.

Please help stop Northumberland County Council from forcing its demolition.

Thank you very much

Rhian, Helen, Luke and Grace and the whole Feathers Inn team and family.

Please feel free to make any comments you wish, you may like to mention something like –

• I’ve been several times, it’s great for kids
• Good for local community
• A positive well-run operation
• Friendly place with amazing food, fantastic atmosphere and employs local
• Enjoyed a family day out here

  • Important to help the viability of a small rural business.
  • looks good and in keeping with the rest of the village.
  • a valued community space.

• Great space for the community
• Provides ongoing employment
• A community hub in the area
• An asset to the community…providing food drink and entertainment
• Would be shame to lose this business
• Has enabled me to dine out during Covid
• A vital community spirited organisation which is far more than just a pub
• Does a lot of charity events
• a lovely place to have something to eat , and has some good events on to
support the local community
• They listen to suggestions from customers, which are suitable and varied,
from Children’s parties and Seasonal events etc.
• They cater for specialist groups
• We’ve enjoyed lunches and evening service, including the take
away meals
• Covered seating area makes the place more attractive
• Council should support local businesses
• The pub has been a lifeline to me during and after the pandemic as it is
outdoors and therefore much safer than indoor equivalents.
• Great place to meet friends
• The structure fits in with the other buildings and so does not look out of place
at all.
• They do many Community events

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