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Accessibility & Environment


We want to be as inclusive as possible although we do not have accessible toilets. In order to remove possible barriers, please inform us when you book how we can help. We can for example offer kerb side collection or table service in the Yard.

We understand that businesses have chosen to do different things but as local lockdowns have come into force we can see that opening up inside is too great a risk for everyone. We are looking to the possibility of opening up inside in October however this is likely to be limited to private parties only. If you wish to register your interest in this option then please let us know.

Enviromental Concerns

We have created our new Yard using only recycled and upcycled materials. We want to maintain this ethos and ask that you dispose of your waste responsibly in the bins that we will provide. You must clear your own tables so we can recyle the waste and we will then be able to conduct regular cleaning of the areas.

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